I grew up in a working family—my mom is a bus garage manager and my dad is a union mechanic. In my own career, I have honored the value of hard work and am now running for State Representative to make sure our State Legislature puts our families first. I have grown through the ranks of the Democratic Party, recently serving as Executive Director of the Allegheny County Democratic Committee and more recently as an employee of the PA Dems as a member of Congressman-elect Chris Deluzio’s campaign team. I have proven to be valuable to the Democratic Cause. I currently serve as the chair of the Penn Hills Democratic Committee, as Vice-chair of the Oakmont Chamber of Commerce, and on the Penn Hills Planning Commission.

As a former employee in Leadership of the Pennsylvania House Democratic Caucus in Harrisburg & the Pennsylvania House Democratic Campaign Committee, I am prepared to begin working for you on day one as the newly elected PA House heads into a contentious budget season following the special election.

From supporting our seniors, raising the minimum wage, supporting strong unions, investing in renewable energy, ending gun violence, protecting women’s reproductive rights, LGBTQ+ rights, and equitable school funding, I will be a stalwart in supporting Democratic Values.