Erica Rocchi Brusselars is running for County Treasurer to lead the office with a focus on transparency, modernization, and collaboration. “It is past time for the Treasurer’s Office to receive the revamp it deserves – allowing it to better serve the diverse needs of Allegheny County’s constituents. It’s 2023, yet payments, such as the hotel tax and the lifetime dog license fee, still cannot be made online. Investments are lacking transparency. And our billion-dollar county-employees’ retirement plan is severely underfunded. As a forward-thinking leader I will be dedicated to streamlining the Office and addressing complex issues such as funding our county’s retirement promises.”

Erica is uniquely qualified to do just that. She brings extensive professional experience as an actuary. She specialized in pension and retirement plans at the global firm which is now Willis Towers Watson, for 14 years. Prior to that she spent two years as a middle-school math teacher in an under-resourced public school. Erica earned her bachelor’s degree from Carnegie Mellon University (BS in Mathematics with a minor in Gender Studies) and master’s degree from The University of Mississippi (MA in Curriculum & Instruction).

Erica lives in the East Allegheny neighborhood of Pittsburgh’s Northside. She currently serves on the Executive Committee of the Pittsburgh Democrats and as Pittsburgh’s 23rd Ward Chair of the Allegheny County Democratic Committee. In recent years she has volunteered extensively with numerous local Democratic campaigns and the Abolitionists Law Center Court Watch program.

Erica sees this office as being more expansive than merely tax collection. As a countywide elected official she would be a leader to raise issues important to our residents and our future, and serve as an additional conduit between the people and our government. “Many voters are unfamiliar with the Treasurer’s role. The Treasurer’s Office is a central function of our County Government: collecting and disbursing tax money, investing county funds, and sitting on the Retirement Board of Allegheny County. On the campaign trail we are working every day to both educate the community about the scope and responsibility of the Treasurer’s Office while also listening to new ideas and voices about what can be changed for the better. This is a first step to bridging the gap between government and the people.”