With the primary election coming up on on May 16, 2023, we’re happy to announce the process for the 2023 Endorsement from the Allegheny County Democratic Committee for this election cycle.

The Endorsement Vote will be held on Sunday, March 5th at the IBEW Hall at 5 Hot Metal Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15203, 10:00am–3:00 pm.

Democratic Committee members will vote to endorse Democratic candidates for County, Judicial, and Pittsburgh Offices.

Candidates who receive the greatest number of votes—a plurality—will receive the Allegheny County Democratic Committee’s Endorsement.

Elected Offices Eligible for Endorsement

The Allegheny County Democratic Committee members will be endorsing for the following offices:


  • County Executive
  • County Controller
  • County Treasurer
  • District Attorney
  • County Council – At Large

County Council Districts 

Common Pleas Court 

  • There is currently one vacancy on the Allegheny County Court of Common Pleas. 

Magisterial Court Judges for the following districts

  • District Court 05-2-01
  • District Court 05-2-03
  • District Court 05-2-05   
  • District Court 05-2-07
  • District Court 05-2-08
  • District Court 05-2-10
  • District Court 05-2-12
  • District Court 05-2-15
  • District Court 05-2-16
  • District Court 05-2-23
  • District Court 05-2-27
  • District Court 05-2-31
  • District Court 05-2-32
  • District Court 05-2-35
  • District Court 05-2-36 
  • District Court 05-2-43
  • District Court 05-3-01
  • District Court 05-3-02
  • District Court 05-3-03
  • District Court 05-3-06
  • District Court 05-3-14

City of Pittsburgh & Pittsburgh Public Schools

  • Pittsburgh Controller
  • Pittsburgh City Council Seats: District 1, District 3, District 5, District 7, & District 9
  • Pittsburgh Public School’s Board of Directors for Districts 2, 4, 6, 8

The Benefits of Seeking the Endorsement

Democratic Candidates considering a run for one of the above elected offices in the 2023 primary election are invited to file for the Allegheny County Democratic Committee’s endorsement. 

This year, the Allegheny County Democratic Committee is making our Endorsement more equitable for all Democratic candidates by providing a package of tools and services to each campaign. The ACDC Endorsement filing fees are based on the cost of this package which includes the following 

VoteBuilder and Committee Lists

As a part of the endorsement filing fee, each candidate will receive access to VoteBuilder through the May primary election and through November for the Democratic nominees.

Candidates will also receive a list of the Allegheny County Democratic Committee for their elected office district. 

2023 Democratic Primary Voter Guide

This year, we will be introducing a Democratic Primary Voter Guide which will be mailed to targeted Democratic households with an anticipated mail date in early April to coincide with the delivery of Vote By Mail ballots. The targeted number of homes will depend on the number of candidates who seek the ACDC endorsement. 

The voter guide will include information about every Democratic candidate seeking the endorsement of the Allegheny County Democratic Committee. Statewide judicial candidates will be given the opportunity to be included. 

Each endorsed candidate will be listed first and highlighted by design to indicate ACDC endorsement. The inside back page will list all the endorsed candidates and voters will be encouraged to use the back page as a tear-off to take to the polls. 

Additionally, we will be publishing information about each candidate on our website, which can direct voters to your election resources. 

Endorsement Vote

The ACDC Endorsement Vote will take place on Sunday March 5, 2023 from 10 AM to 3 PM at the IBEW Hall on the Southside in Pittsburgh. Candidates are welcome to greet committee members in the designated area outside the voting area. Additionally, space outside the building is available for candidates to distribute campaign materials and refreshments to Committee Members.

Committee Meetings & Regional Forums 

Municipal and Ward Democratic Committee meetings will be listed on the ACDC Events Calendar and Mobilize.us for candidates to attend.

The ACDC is working with individual committees to establish regional meetings and candidate forums for candidates seeking the endorsement. 

Slate Cards

Endorsed candidates will be listed on slate cards to be distributed by committee members throughout county precincts on election day. 

Requirements for Candidates

In order to be considered for endorsement by the Allegheny County Democratic Committee, the following information and fees MUST be delivered to the ACDC Headquarters at 22 Wabash Street, Suite 205, Pittsburgh, PA 15220 by 5:00pm on January 31st. No exceptions will be allowed.

  • A letter of intent including the following details:
    • Your Name
    • Your contact information
    • The date
    • The office you’re seeking
    • A statement of your Intention to seek the ACDC endorsement 
    • Your signature
  • A check for the filing fee, made payable to ‘Allegheny County Democratic Committee,’ amounts listed below
  • Voter Guide Information: Each candidate must provide the information they want to include in the Voter Guide, please use this form. 

Filing Fees

Countywide Offices$7,500
Court of Common Pleas$7,500
County Council
County Council At Large
Citywide Office$2,000
City Council$500
PPS School Board of Directors$500

Important dates

Tuesday, January 31 – Last Day to Submit Letter of Intent to Seek the ACDC Endorsement and Filing Fee. Must be received in the ACDC Office at 22 Wabash St., Suite 205, Pittsburgh, PA 15220 by 5:00pm

Tuesday, February 14 – First Day to Circulate and File Candidate Petition

Sunday, March 5 – Allegheny County Democratic Committee Endorsement Vote

Tuesday March 7 – Last Day to Circulate and File Candidate Petition

Monday, May 1 – Last Day to Register to Vote or Change Party Affiliation

Tuesday, May 9 – Last Day to Apply for a Vote-By-Mail Ballot 

Tuesday, May 16 – Primary Election Day 

If there are any questions, please contact us at the ACDC office by emailing Emily Marburger at Emily@alleghenydems.com or myself at Sam@alleghenydems.com.