We’re electing Democrats! If you’d like to join us, fill out this form.

Our overarching goal of the Allegheny County Democratic Committee is to get Democrats elected at every level of Government, and to get there we’re need grassroots organizing. We know it to be a powerful and effective means to building a strong community of politically-minded organizers and educated voters.

Democratic committee members are charged with being the Democratic voice in their precincts. Committee members are at their best when they are engaging with their neighbors, talking about issues, and encouraging voters to support Democratic candidates.

Committees and committee members are involved in a wide array of activities including:

  • Going door to door to meet voters
  • Attending Democratic Committee meetings and helping with committee activities
  • Collecting signatures for candidate nomination petition
  • Canvassing for candidates
  • Displaying Democratic lawn signs
  • Holding a house party for candidates or elected officials
  • Writing note cards and letters to voters
  • Knowing the election procedures like vote by mail rules
  • Informing constituents of elections and deadlines

We have a number of vacancies throughout the County, and we’d love to see them filled with enthusiastic volunteers, excited to keep their neighbors informed! Let us know if you’re interested!